Challenging The Evidences Of Science In Surgery

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The focus of the current discipline relies on the importance of acknowledging quality in Science. Trere are morethan one million papers published every year in Pubmed, which represent an overloard of information, not necessarily of good quality and, reproducible. Most graduate currila cover very litte topics/disciplines on the science method and the adequate techniques to carry out proper Science. therefore, it is not surprising that both post-graduate students and healthcareprofessoionals face the dilemma of choosing whitch manuscripts they should rely on, to either support their research or clinical practice. Furthermore, the deluge of meta-analysis and systematic reviews falsely give an idea that if "when in doubt" rely on this type of article to have a better decision making, not considering that the latter may also be of low quality and may represent wrong Science. Thus, this discipline will focus on the aspects as mentioned earlier.

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